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Premier Commercial Contractor in the Greater Cincinnati Area

Overberg Construction has been delivering high-quality commercial construction services in the tri-state area for over 35 years. 

Corporate & Retail Finishing

Overberg is recognized for excellence in tenant finishing for both corporate office & retail locations.  Our high-quality work includes traditional office space, modern office configurations, technical & innovation centers along with highly functional retail store fronts.

Overberg has the experience to understand the complex requirements of large warehouse projects with demanding schedules. Our solutions are cost-effective, designed to last and delivered with an understanding of your timeline.


Overberg understands the on-going needs your facility requires and are strong partners who deliver value for you year after year.  Our teams work with your organization to perform maintenance, facility enhancements and are ready to provide you with advice and direction to optimize your facility.
Overberg’s Interior Designer can work with you throughout the entire renovation process. Based on your needs we can create the floor plans and design, pick architectural finishes, all the way to offer guidance and shopping assistance throughout the building and renovation process. Collaboration with our clients is key to outline the design strategy and provide a plan for the space that will make it both beautiful and functional.


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